New Product Development (NPD) Pilot Plant Facility

Complex Facilities, No Room for Error

There are few facilities in New Zealand that boast a similar level of complex manufacturing, research, and laboratory spaces as Douglas Pharmaceuticals’ New Product Development Pilot Plant. Taking on full building services, fire protection, and gas design services in 2018, we were thrilled to embrace the challenge this project provided.

Meeting Specialised requirements

The NPD Pilot Plant is a $40M, 3-storeyed development, with a plethora of highly specialised spaces requiring technically demanding solutions. Each room has specific requirements for temperature, humidity, air-quality, and pressure, meaning that a generalised design was out of the question. Our engineers met each challenge with enthusiasm, enjoying the opportunity to flex their creativity and adaptability in such an intense setting.

Building In a Virtual Space to avoid issues in a physical space

When dealing with production and testing facilities housing hazardous materials, we obviously can’t afford to find out a design won’t work in the construction phase. Computer Assisted Modelling is an increasingly integral part of all construction projects, though it held even higher importance here. Information sharing and consistent communication, both internally and with other contractors, was absolutely vital in ensuring that interdisciplinary designs could all co-exist in a physical space.

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