Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club

Behind the Scenes of New Zealand’s Premier Clubhouse

The Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club had the simple yet lofty goal of becoming the most aesthetically striking club in New Zealand. Working with the client and Patterson Architects, we identified two priorities in our delivery:

·         To create unintrusive electrical, HVAC, hydraulic, and fire protection/engineering systems.

·         To maximise the funding allocated to visual design by coming up with creative solutions and ensuring our areas of control ran efficiently.

With clubrooms, offices, shops, storage, parking, and hospitality spaces sprawled across two stories, we adapted our strategy to suit various areas of design. We utilised a hybrid approach of centralised & distributed systems to cut costs where possible without jeopardising the efficacy of our designs.

How Positive Relationships Facilitate Positive Results

The attainment of project goals necessitated a shared culture between ourselves, the client, architect, QS, and other contractors. With a staged delivery plan, we tailored our services to deliver functional site infrastructure whilst allowing for unobtrusive extensions at later stages.

Our project team was willing to iterate and adapt upon our designs following discussions with Patterson Architects. We adjusted our mindset toward preserving aesthetic elements of the buildings and worked closely with all other parties to ensure our designs achieved this without compromising quality and efficiency.

Luxurious Facilities, Green Pastures, Happy Client

By establishing a positive project culture early, the project team set ourselves up for a smooth construction process. As we are all well aware, calling any construction stage “smooth” is a bit of a stretch. In this case however, using standardised HVAC, hydraulic, fire protection, and electrical equipment across all stages allowed suppliers to give accurate quotes from the outset.

The resulting facility achieves its goal of being visually stunning, with lighting, fire, and services components that fit nicely with the building’s look while fulfilling all requirements.

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