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The 5 Mile Development brings that modern mall feeling to remote Queenstown. With a sizeable  budget, the project spans 9 distinct buildings incorporating offices, retail, restaurants, and a hotel. We are the longest-standing design consultant involved with 5 Mile, providing Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical, Fire, and Fire Protection services for over 8 years.

Identifying Similarities and Differences in Mixed-Use Developments

This project is unique in that it incorporates dozens of smaller developments that could be viewed as individual builds. We took a hybrid approach to building services design; the functionality of each space was identified early, however we have been able to cut costs by centralising plant and systems where plausible. Examples of this include an embedded electrical network and a central fire protection system. These allow for systems within buildings to differ while saving money on infrastructure.

Lasting Relationships Mean Better Results

It isn’t too common for a consultant to work on the same project for almost 10 years straight. In the case of 5 mile, we have enjoyed such a positive environment with Queenstown Gateway and other contractors that each new phase of development gets easier and easier. This a great example of how a collaborative culture not only makes the job smoother, but also keeps costs down as parties are more willing to share ideas and discuss issues in an honest manner.

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