Our Commitments

Cosgroves are committed to helping shape the foundations of a greater future, whether that be through the spaces we design or through the commitments we make to our industry and our people. 



To the environment 





Cosgroves is committed to managing and reducing our carbon emissions and are proud to be a Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation.

Our goal is to align with science based reduction targets in an effort to help limit global warming to 1.5°C by reducing our emissions by 4.2% annually.

Cosgroves aims to promote a climate conscious culture by focusing on sustainability in both internal operations as well as the work produced for clients.

The threat of climate change challenges us to the improve our designs to reduce their environmental footprints. The built environment as well as the construction industry are major GHG emitters and must evolve to be part of the climate solution.

If you would like to view our base year summary report, please request it here

New Zealand Green Building Council 

Cosgroves have been a member of the New Green Building Council since 2006. We are committed to being a leader in the field of sustainable design and contributing to a green, low-carbon future for New Zealand. Being a member of the Green Building Council ensures we can help New Zealand's transition to a low-carbon future by joining the 700+ organisations who support the Green Building Council, which ensures that we are part of a movement that promotes legislative and industry-wide change.

We have a number of Green Star accredited professionals who can assist with an application for a formal NZ Green Star Assessment or a NABERS rating if that is required. We have been involved in a plethora of Green Star 4 and 5-rated projects, and pride ourselves on providing affordable sustainable design options for projects, even if they are not working towards any certifications.





Green innovation in our projects

At Cosgroves, sustainability is a fundamental principle driving our projects. We prioritise incorporating innovative, sustainable design elements from the outset, recognising the cost-efficiency of this approach compared to post-completion retrofits. A prime example is our work on the Glenorchy Campground, where we've embraced the 'living building challenge' to create a net positive energy site. This means the campground generates more energy than it consumes, primarily through strategically placed distributed photovoltaic (PV) arrays that harness abundant sunlight. Not only does the site meet its own energy needs, but it also contributes surplus energy to the grid, exemplifying our dedication to environmentally sound practices. Our commitment to projects like the Glenorchy Campground defines us as pioneers in a sustainable built environment, shaping a greener future for our clients and communities.


To people and development 


The Diversity Agenda 

At Cosgroves, we recognise that a diverse workplace facilitates the sharing of new ideas and innovations. We put our people first, care deeply end encourage them to be themselves. 
We enable growth together to ensure everyone at Cosgroves feels safe, valued, and supported. Being a member of Engineering’s Diversity Agenda is just one step to our commitment to an accepting and diverse organisation. We are committed to developing a workplace that is accommodating and welcoming to all people that come to work for us. We are seeing real success, particularly in the growth in the number of women that not only come to work for us but remain with us. 

Our guiding principle at Cosgroves is to 'treat others with respect and act with integrity,' a key message that staff are aware of from day one.

QA ISO 9001

Our organisation has a strong commitment to ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for quality management in businesses. For over five years, we have been actively involved in the QA ISO certification process, demonstrating our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality. It provides us with a robust framework that allows us to improve our operational efficiency and functionality through the implementation of a Quality Management System. By adhering to this framework, we strive to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve continual improvement in all aspects of our processes, products, and services. ISO 9001 serves as our initial stepping stone on the path to success, providing us with a solid foundation upon which other ISO standards can be built. Our commitment to ISO 9001 underscores our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence and ensuring the highest level of quality throughout our organisation.


Community Volunteering 

At Cosgroves, we're excited to introduce our new volunteering initiative to make a positive impact in our community. By offering volunteering opportunities to our staff, we enable them to create meaningful change beyond their regular work responsibilities. It fosters teamwork, collaboration, and a supportive work environment. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is showcased through these efforts, enhancing our reputation and attracting talent who share our values. We're proud to empower our employees to give back, strengthening our community and promoting a brighter future. 
Each office will be taking a day to be in the community so communication may be limited on these days, but our wider national team will be available if you need any assistance.

Wakatipu High School Scholarship 

Cosgroves established an annual scholarship in 2020 providing financial assistance to students at Wakatipu High School (Queenstown). This exceptional scholarship program is designed to identify and support incredibly talented young individuals with a keen interest in engineering. Understanding the financial challenges that can come with pursuing higher education, Cosgroves offers not only financial assistance but also valuable development and real-life project experience to ensure the recipients' success. By collaborating with Wakatipu High School, Cosgroves is dedicated to empowering the next generation of engineers, enabling them to reach their full potential and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Wakatipu community through their innovative ideas and groundbreaking projects.

2023 Scholarship Winner- Minnie Tam