Waste Management Headquarters, Auckland

the project 

The project consists of a site that is approximately 52,000m² and incorporates:

  • Roughly 4,000m² of commercial office space including a staff café, social hub and staff showers, changing and locker facilities
  • Approximately 2,230m² state of the art Heavy Vehicle / Truck Workshop including a specialist lubrication/fluid delivery system, Truck Hoists, Dynamometer, Brake tests facilities, overhead Gantry Crane and a specialist EV workshop area.
  • Approximately 1,745m² Bin and Compactor Repair Workshop including a full service paint spray booth.
  • Industrial truck and bin wash down buildings including a fully automatic drive through truck wash system as well as manual wash bays complete with pressure and steam wash facilities.
  • A large staff and visitor car park.
  • A large yard for bin laydown and truck parking. 

The building is currently going through certification to be 5 Star Green Star rated and is a pilot project for the newly created Design and As-Built rating tool that allows all building types including mixed use sites such as this one to be rated.  It is likely to be the first certified project using this tool in New Zealand.  The project was designed under the Australian version of the tool while the NZGBC adapted the tool for NZ. Cosgroves worked closely with the NZGBC throughout the design process to clarify New Zealand adaptations of the Australian tool until the New Zealand version of the tool was released when the project was in construction.   

Our role 

Cosgroves were engaged to provide mechanical, electrical, hydraulics and fire engineering design services as well as Environmentally Sustainably Design consultancy services including compilation and submission for 5 Star Green Star Rating.   We worked closely with the NZGBC throughout the design process to clarify New Zealand adaptations of the Australian tool until the New Zealand version of the tool was released when the project was in construction. 


The Waste Management Headquarters site was designed and built to achieve a 5 Star Green Star Rating using the Design and As-Built Green Rating tool. 

Sustainable Design Features include:

  • Integrated design process in which the owner, tenant, Green Star Accredited Professional, the entire consultant team and contractor were involved from the outset with the ability to impact the site layout and building locations/orientations/forms to ensure the best operational and sustainable design outcomes were achieved within the constraints of the project budget and brief. 
  • Building orientation, façade design, building layout and incorporation of thermal mass to reduce energy use and heating/cooling load, provide good natural light throughout, reduce glare and improve occupant comfort.  Thermal modelling was used to optimise the thermal envelope and high-performance double glazing and insulated concrete sandwich panels were incorporated to provide an energy efficient thermal envelope.  In addition the building’s shape and orientation were optimised with a large amount of thermal mass on the north, east and west elevations and a large amount of glazing and clerestory windows on the south elevation to provide good thermal performance and natural daylight levels throughout while minimising the introduction of glare. 
  • Rainwater collection tanks for re-use in toilet flushing in the office areas and the high-water demand industrial wash down areas (truck wash and bin wash) to reduce the domestic water demand of the site by nearly 90%.
  • The Automatic Truck Wash System also recycles 70% of the water used in every wash cycle.  
  • Highly efficient WELS rated sanitary fixtures.
  • Energy efficient hot water production using a CO­2 refrigerant based Heatpump up to 3.88 times more efficient than direct electric water heating and using no fossil fuel unlike gas boilers.
  • A highly efficient mechanical system design based on VRF and incorporating heat recovery of energy from exhaust air from the offices and the toilet/shower facilities.
  • The Offices are designed to provide a 100% improvement on building code requirements for fresh air rates to improve indoor air quality.  This improves occupant health and productivity.
  • Highly efficient lighting design providing light only where required and lighting ceiling and wall surfaces to minimise energy consumption while improving indoor light quality. 
  • Automatic lighting control system incorporating occupancy and automatic daylight dimming control throughout to further reduce the energy consumption of the lighting system by up to 40%.
  • Charging facilities for 40 light vehicle EVs and 10 Heavy / Truck EVs with provision to expand to over 100 light vehicles and over 50 trucks in future. 
  • An energy and water metering / management system that independently monitors all significant energy and water uses on site including trending.  This allows early identification of issues that may be affecting building energy and water usage as well as tuning of building systems for optimisation.
  • A BMS that monitors and controls all building systems providing monitoring and trending of all system parameters to assist with building tuning and optimisation.   
  • Comprehensive commissioning and a 12 month building tuning period for building systems including engagement of an Independent Commissioning Agent.
  • Carefully selected sustainable building materials including materials with low VOC content, incorporating best practice PVC and recycled content.
  • Stormwater design that minimises peak stormwater flow and stormwater contamination from the site through a combination of detention, swales and stormwater treatment devices. 


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