Fire Safety and Protection Systems

Fire Engineering 

Cosgroves have a fire engineering presence within our offices throughout New Zealand. We have over 25 years of experience in specific fire engineering design within New Zealand covering a wide range of building occupancies and industrial risk. This includes airports, hospitals, industrial processing facilities (dairy, meat, fish, horticulture, data centres, manufacturing plants), hotels, tourist facilities, aged care, schools, cultural venues, commercial and high-density residential accommodation.

Cosgrove is involved in research and design in areas such as fire safety with mass timber construction systems, fire safety design strategy in healthcare facilities and fire protection within membrane structures. Our Fire Engineers are consistently involved in ENZ, SNZ and SFPE initiatives, and have a comprehensive understanding of the leading edge initiatives in fire engineering design within New Zealand.

Further information or enquiries can be directed to Brady Cosgrove or Daniel Jessop.

Fire Protection Systems

Cosgroves has a highly experienced and skilled Fire Protection Systems design team located in offices throughout New Zealand. We can provide fully designed and documented fire protection systems within a REVIT 3-D or CAD platform to achieve compliance with relevant NZ standards. Our team can also interpret and advise on FM, NFPA and UL Standards or technical guidance documents for specialist risk protection. This may include gas suppression, pre-action, or oxygen depletion systems.

Martin Robertson leads the Fire Protection System team at Cosgroves, with over 40 years of experience within the New Zealand Fire Protection industry. The design documentation services provided can be fully coordinated and integrated into a typical building design through extensive project experience involving the Cosgroves Building Services team and other designers involved.

This extends to integration fire safety requirements into other building systems such as smoke control, interfacing security systems, door control and emergency way-finding systems. We are able to provide the necessary design integration advice, as well as contract observation services including ‘end-to-end’ commissioning support at the completion of a build contract.

We also can advise on Fire Fighting Water supply requirements for sites and provide representation to FENZ for approvals regarding their attendance requirements on a site.

­Further information or enquiries can be directed to Brady Cosgrove or Martin Robertson.


Passive Fire 

Cosgroves offer fire design and documentation services for passive fire solutions. This includes the ability to integrate within project REVIT models, and to provide contract observation services covering this area of work alongside other general fire safety and fire protection system features on site.

Further information or enquiry can be directed to Brady Cosgrove or Mark Taylor